After researching for months, I was finally able to find a company to manufacture our Color Guard Harness as shown below. For whatever reason, it was a hard task to find someone that can make them. These harnesses were made available to other detachments looking to purchase harnesses like these. The harnesses are being sold thru the Trenton Marine Corps League, a non-profit organization, by me at reproduction cost.

Each harness was hand made by Marines, paying special attention to many details from big to small. The Marine Pride is noticeable in the final product delivered.

Many detachments have shown high interests in getting a set of harnesses for their league. If interested in owning a harness or a number of harnesses, please contact me directly via my contact information below before they go fast.

The cost  is $150.00 each ($150 + shipping) to an address within the Continental United States.

Ken Enderle
Phone: 609-731-5190

Vintage US Marine Corps Color Guard Harness

These white Double-Harness full grain Leather Flag Carrier harnesses are made from the finest leather and finished with a polished finish. These are the top of the line flag harnesses appropriate for any ceremonial event.

They feature a 1 1/4″ wide belt and provide a very stable mount for your organizational colors while on parade. The bottom of the cup allows for the use of guidon poles with a bottom pointed ferrule.

A most impressive harness for most ceremonial events. These are available in a Brass finish.

Made in the USA
Cost: $150.00